Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Tim Holtz Tag

Here it is... my version of the June Tim Holtz Tag! Tim's version can be found here

Grab your tag and a piece of white cardstock (Tim used watercolor paper but I didn't have any on hand.)

Trim the white paper to fit onto the tag and add the torn edge.

Using StazOn stamp your image(s) onto the white paper.

I used a combination of stamps to get a full picture that I liked.

This round I am making 3 (1 to send in the swap I'm hosting on Swap-Bot, 1 to keep, and a spare due to potential flakers like the flaker from the last swap)

Stamp a background layer of images/ words onto your tag(s) using the StazOn.

Add a second layer of images mostly around the egdes since that's the part that will be seen.

I added color to the background in layers... Taking a piece of wax paper I stamped some color (I'm using Vintage Photo here.)

Take a wet paint brush and run it across the ink to create beads of color.

Lay the tag face down in the ink a press on the back.

This is what 1 layer looks like.

I repeated this step using Wild Honey.

To add bits of opacity I grabbed my acrylic paint (I'm using Anita's in Island Blue) and a plastic bag from Michael's. I cut the plastic bag so that it would lay flat. Then using a wet brush I spread a layer of paint across the bag. The paint seperated a bit into the crinkles.

Press the tag, face down into the paint.

Repeat for as many tags as you're making.

To color in my images on the white paper, I am using a paint brush. I cut another piece of plastic bag and stamp some color onto it.

I then spritzed the ink to make it resemble watercolor paint.

I'm using Wild Honey, Vintage Photo, and Tumbled Glass.

It paints on very nicely.

I tried to follow Tim's directions for how he filled in his image.

For the white bits I just used some white water color paint.

I attempted to get the white in the right spots!

I then glued the white paper to the tags using so Aleene's Tacky Glue.

For the ribbons, I had some blue ribbon on hand that went well with the blue I used in the tag. To make it match better, I alternated sponging on some Wild Honey and Vintage Photo ink.

Tag 1...

Tag 2...

Tag 3...

Very shabby chic and all ready for swapping!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Some atcs...

I love making ATCs (artist trading cards) I usually make them for swaps on
Here's a few of my latest....

Theme: Alice of Alice in Wonderland (I was thinking of here trying to get into the garden)

Theme: Snow Globe (this one is a shaker filled with snowflakes and glitter)

Theme: Nintendo (I went with Pikmin, my fave game!)

Theme: Altered Text- Red ( It says: This grand love, the ocean, it's heaven.)

This one was for a friend who just got into atc's- It's a shaker filled with sand and shells from Pensacola, Fl.

Theme: Altered Text- Blue (It says: The heart on the marsh, the blue sky, the beauty, the bliss; mysterious woods, their song of joy so pure.)


So I was contemplating how we have inchies and the round version are rinchies.
Then there are twinchies but they didn't have a counter part so here is my attempt to create a new art trend: the Tw-rinchie!

An inchie is a piece of artwork that is a 1 inch square.
A rinchie is a 1 inch circle.
A Twinchie is a 2 inch square.
And a Tw-rinchie is a 2 inch circle!

They have 2 inch circle punches and 2 inch circle die cut dies at most craft stores. There are also circle cutters that make circles in a variety of sizes.

I had a couple of swaps on swap-bot and got a bit of interest but I thought I would get the word out in more places!

Here are the ones that I made for my partners: