Friday, May 31, 2013

May Tim Holtz Tag

Tim Holtz brings us a new tag tutorial each month full of creative ideas! This month's tag tutorial can be found here: I am trying to host swaps at for each of them! This is my version of the May tag...

I started off with tags ofcourse. And wax paper to cover my work surface. Also, the highlight product this month which is Tim Holtz Remenant Rubs.

These are the Tim Holtz Remenant Rubs- they come 2 sheets in a pack with a popsicle stick to apply them.

I started by cutting mine apart.

These have a clear plastic layer protecting the images which you remove. Then place the image face down where you want them. Rub the back firmly with the popsicle stick to transfer the image to the tag.

Use a sandpaper tool to distress the tag edges.

Since this is for a swap, I made 2 -1 to keep and 1 to send to my partner. I cut 2 pieces of ribbon for each tag and pulled out some acrylic paints.

I squeezed some paint into a paint tray.

Next, I watered them all down to be runny.

Then, I splattered them onto the wax paper.

Drag the tag through the paint splatters.

Use a paper towel to clean the paint from the remenant rubs, using a wet paint brush can also help clean the paint from the rubs.

Use a heat tool to speed the paint drying process.
Drag through the paint splatters again and clean the remenant rubs off, and use the heat tool again if you have blank spots.

Drag some white ribbon through paint splatters and use a paint brush on blank spaces. Let this

Now on to the stamping. Pigment ink will wipe off of the remenant rubs to give a look like the stamp is behind the rub. StazOn will not wipe off of the rubs, it will make the stamp look like it's on top of the remenant rubs.

Stamp some images with the pigment ink first and use a paper towel to wipe the ink off of the rubs.

Stamp some more images with the StazOn and give those a couple of minutes to dry.

For embellishment, add a cutting of Tim Holtz Film Strip Ribbon using some Glossy Accents. I went down each side of the film strip, across the top and bottom, and on the black bar that seperates each film cell. You may need to put some heavy things on top to hold this down until it dries.

To replicate the enamel tag that Tim used I'm using a jewellry bezel, Glossy Accents, and a book page. I started by cutting out some words like: flower, kissed, honest, etc.

Put a layer of Glossy Accent into the bezel.

Carefully place the words into the bezel.

Put another coat of Glossy Accents on top of the words to seal them in the bezel.

Give the charm some time to dry and attach it to the tag with a brad.

For another 3D embellishment I'm using a small domino (I got a set of dominos from Dollar Tree). Take a piece of the book page without words on it, the page at the end of a chapter usually has a good bit of blank space. Put down a layer of Glossy Accents.

Glue the paper to the domino.

Using a sanding tool sand around the edges of the domino, removing the excess paper.

Using StazOn, I stamped the word "forever" onto the domino.

Cover the domino with a coat of Glossy Accent to seal the paper to the domino.


I attached the domino to the tag with some more Glossy Accents.

Attach 2 pieces of the ribbon to each tag.

This is the tag I sent to my swap partner, it has a more industrial theme.

This is the one I kept for my collection, it has a more whimsical nature theme.


This is another version in a different color scheme. I used gold, ivory, taupe, pink, and green instead of the brights!

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  1. You did an awesome job with the tag! A lovely mix of colours. And I love how you creatively replace some of Tim's supplies. Also a nice idea to take the readers of your blog through the steps of creating this tag:-) / Lucine @


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