Monday, May 13, 2013

Treasure Book

This is an art journal I made over spring break. I made the journal for a swap on and sent it out to my partner. The swap was for a "Treasure Book" where there were at least 20 pages (10 page spreads) and on each page a "treasure" for your partner. 12 of these "treasures" were to be removable things the others could be attached to the journal or removable. I chose a theme of holidays through the year and to have all the treasures removable. The cover (front and back) were done in deco den style and I took a collage approach for the pages. The journal entries were done on recipe cards, embellished with stamped images relating to the holiday and written with a coordinating color of ultra fine tip Sharpie.

The front cover:

New Year's:

Valentine's Day:

Mardi Gras:

St. Patrick's Day:


Mother's Day:

4th of July:

My Partner's Birthday:




The back cover:

My how long it took to put it all together and how it bulged when it was done! It has been my most intensive swap to date and it was very hard to let go of. I am happy to say that it was well received by my partner! Hopefully it can offer some creative inspiration :)

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